Deafness And Hearing Loss

Deafness (deafness, surditas, anakusis) is the complete absence of hearing sensation. There are numerous reasons for this. Deafness can be congenital or acquired and can occur on one or both sides. The decisive factor for the prognosis in many cases is how early the hearing disorder is recognised and treated. Especially in children, undetected deafness […]


Aphasia – Speech Impediment

Aphasia is a partial or total loss of the language already learned. Such a loss of speech can occur when certain areas of the brain are damaged. Because aphasia impairs the ability to communicate, aphasic persons can – depending on the severity of their speech disorders – be psychologically or mentally handicapped. But: Aphasia does […]


Speech, Language And Voice Disorders

Speech impairments include a variety of disorders, which may affect one or more functions of speech comprehension or use. The degree of severity is also widely spread, ranging from mild loudness disorders (especially S formation) to the most severe central organic speech disorders in all age groups. There are fluent transitions to other forms of […]